Modulation of host immune responses by Yersinia

Prof. Dr. Martin Aepfelbacher / PD Dr. Ruckdeschel (Institut für Medizinische Mikrobiologie, Virologie und Hygiene)

Infection of human macrophages with Yersina triggers formation of autophagosomes and recruitment of the autophagosome marker protein LC3-GFP to intracellular bacteria.

Pathogenic yersiniae engage a type III protein secretion system that delivers Yop virulence proteins inside eukaryotic cells. There, the Yops perturb key cellular signal transduction processes of innate immunity. This renders infected cells unable to respond adequately to bacterial infection. We are analyzing the crosstalk of Yersinia with host cell responses, including interference of Yersinia with phagocytosis, inflammatory signaling, autophagy and cell survival / death.