Production of camelid heavy-chain antibodies as specific enzyme inhibitors using new immunization strategies.

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Nolte (AG Molekulare Immunologie)

The goal of the proposed project is to generate enzyme inhibitory antibodies in new world camelids by immunizing with cDNA and molecular assemblies. ADP-ribosyltransferases (ARTs) and lumazine synthase (LS) serve as model antigens. The antibodies generated in this project will be developed for experimental and therapeutic interventions.

Laufzeit: 2001-2009
Förderung: DFG Einzelförderung


  • Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME, USA
    Dr. David Serreze
  • Instituto Leloir, Buenos Aires, Argentinien
    Molecular Immunology and Microbiology
    Dr. Fernando Goldbaum